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Carlo Scarpa and the magic of the Glass

What happens when the best Architect in the 19th century and the magic art of the blowing glass meet in Venice, in the most attractive city in the world? One of the most beautiful masterpieces the world has never seen: the collection of the vase in Fenicio or “graffito” as indicated in the notes of Carlo Scarpa. These masterpieces are distinguished by the polychrome glass with a finish “a festoni”.

This pattern is achieved by applying around the surface of the molten glass a vitreous spiral, then “combed” with a special instrument hook-shaped called “maneretta”. For this collection were chosen color combinations of great impact ( red coral, lattimo ) enhanced with the application of gold leaf. In the last image instead the technique “Fenicio” or “a piume” is well represented in a marvelous vase of Vetrarti dated ’70.

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