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The thread binding Alexandra of Egypt with Murano

Now there are small positives which mean much these days and so I would like to reach your heart by talking about an extraordinary glass technique that has come to Murano even from Alexandra of Egypt. The Egyptian masters had invented the production of glass rods that served to make glass tiles for mosaics but under the danger of the raids of the Turks and the Ottoman Empire decided to move and found a safe place in the port of Venice where they stopped once and for all ( middle ages).

The genius of the Venetians then provoked an explosion of vitality and magic in the use of this technique, made of new skills, drawings, renewed colors and transparency, a combination of plots that have resulted in a heritage of immense value that we can admire in private collections, museums or as a surprise in the house of an art collector, masterpieces that measure the sophistication of that person.

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